38 Years in Business

This year Kelsey Trail Trucking Ltd is 38 years old. On behalf of our family, Mike and Tyler, I would like to thank our customers and employees for ensuring our success. In 2016, we embark on the future, while celebrating the past. We look forward to a strong future together with our Clients and Staff

- Jim Clunie

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Want to experience the competitive advantage of having a truly effective and reliable “one-stop” total logistics solutions provider? You can count on Kelsey.

With unparalleled expertise, we work with you to develop the comprehensive and customized transportation and distribution solutions. We work coast-to-coast.

Be respected where you work with Kelsey Trail. We provide excellent opportunities with competitive compensation to new and experienced drivers.

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We draw from the extensive hands-on experience to immediately and effectively address all transport situations and contingencies so that your shipments get where they need to be – no matter what.

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